April 19, 2009

Is your business idea good enough to win $10,000 in seed capital?

Here’s your chance to see if your idea for a start-up has wings. It’s a great opportunity for someone (hopefully one of our readers) to get some seed capital to launch their dream business. The contest is promoting John Maxwell’s (yes, the Christian leadership guru) new book “PUT YOUR DREAM TO THE TEST” and is being sponsored by the book publisher (Thomas Nelson Publishers), SCORE, Success Magazine, and Scribd (a web site where you can publish, discover and discuss original writings and documents).


You must submit your best original business proposal to Scribd before 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday April 22nd 2009 (sorry for the late notice but I just saw this today). On April 25th, 10 finalists will be selected and then Scribd users will vote for a grand prize winner. The winner of the $10,000 grand prize will be flown to Atlanta, to be awarded the prize on stage at this year’s Maximum Impact Simulcast conference on Friday May 8th. The interesting back story to this contest, I believe, is the collaboration between the Christian author, Christian publisher (Thomas Nelson), a secular entrepreneurial magazine (Success), and the secular business advisory organization (SCORE). A Christian entrepreneur could not dream up a better contest to be a part of. I love that this contest is being run in a way that is open to anyone no matter their religion. I especially like the prize being awarded at Maximum Impact which is an awesome Christian business leadership seminar which I have attended for the last few years. If you have never heard of Maximum Impact, check out the website it is something that is definitely worth going to if you are a business person. You will get to hear some very impressive people talking about different aspects of business. They have had Hall of Fame football players, best selling authors, tech industry executives, social entrepreneurs, etc. I could go on but you would get a better idea by just visiting the web-site. The simulcasts I have attended have really changed me, and how I do business, and have given me priceless knowledge from top notch business experts. ENTER CONTEST NOW (FYI- Submission rules and submission button are on right hand side of page).

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April 16, 2009

The Emerging Kingdom Economy

For a little over a year I have been having conversations with other Christian businesspeople about a new emerging Kingdom Economy. Many of us have stumbled across each other, and formed close relationships because we have received similar God-given dreams, messages, missions, etc. We have all separately been experiencing the phenomenon of a new God-driven economic system forming. We feel that God has been bringing together those, with this similar call on their lives. The uniting theme we all see is that God is moving to

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form a new Kingdom based economy that will continue to function even when our existing national economic institutions fail, or are non-functioning. God desires to keep his resources flowing from where they are not being put to good use, into places where they can do the most good. The Lord has been bringing this move of His to my attention. Every time I come into contact with another spirit-led businessperson who mentions their God-given mission “to help in the raising up of a new Kingdom Economy”, I am given further confirmation of the Lord’s new work. So, I was not at all surprised when my wife showed me a prophetic word from a few weeks back posted by Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries. He has posted a series of weekly prophetic words that outlines this new Kingdom Economy many of us have been talking about. I am posting below, an excerpt from his prophetic word from Discerning the Times, Part 23 which I think best sums up and gives confirmation of what we have been discussing and receiving independently through divine inspiration.

“We are beginning to see a kingdom economy emerge which is so distinct and separate from the world’s that when the order is given that no one can buy, sell, or trade except they take the mark of the beast (see Revelation 13:17), then Christians will not even care if they can buy, sell, or trade with the world—they will have their own economy. That may sound grandiose or complicated, but it will be grand and a demonstration of how things are done differently in the kingdom of God, it will not be complicated, but to the contrary, it will be very simple.

The kingdom economy will become a practical system of interchange built on kingdom principles and is a part of the highway of Isaiah 40 that must be built to prepare the way for the Lord. As we have been addressing the last few weeks, this economy is founded on love, which is at the root of all kingdom economic interchange. The most basic principles of this economy is I Corinthians 13”.

Visit the MorningStar Ministries site and read through these wonderful prophetic words. It is a truly exciting movement of God that we are starting to discern in the business world.

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